Being a past member of the Board of Directors of the Louisiana Economic Development & Gaming Board (Casino Board), he and the Board established the rules and procedures to regulate the only land-based casino allowed in Louisiana. This has given Mr. Vilas a unique insight into how regulatory bodies operate, and make their decisions.

He has assisted many individuals and companies acquire their Louisiana Gaming Licenses for a variety of different types, such as Operators License, or Establishment License, etc. He has facilitated the transfer of ownership of licensed entities so as to not jeopardize their current licensed status.

Being a real estate broker, Mr. Vilas has also assisted companies in purchasing bars and pubs that operate video poker gaming operations. In some instances, the transfer was for the purchase of the operations and assets only and in others, it included the real estate as well.

Out of state and international entities have been clients of the firm which are providing services to the gaming industry in Louisiana. He has worked closely with entities searching for out of state opportunities in the gaming arena as well.

There are also other types of regulatory matters that require assistance within the regulations of state government in order to receive a successful outcome via Governmental Relations. Mr. Vilas can assist you in those endeavors and maneuvering within the guidelines.

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