When A Loved One Passes Away
We provide directions and solutions when a Loved One passes through the Louisiana Succession Process:

Meeting with you in order to understand how to properly transfer title to the decedent’s assets in the least expensive and timely manner

  • Was there a will or did they die intestate? Were they married or single? Did they have any children, if so, their ages.
  • Establish if there may be another solution in the transfer of ownership, such as a Louisiana Small Succession which is much quicker and less expensive to accomplish;
    • This will depend upon the types of real estate assets the decedent owned, and the value of their estate.
  • Put a quick plan of action in place, so that the spouse and/or children can continue to pay bills during this transition period of time;
    • If vehicles need to be transferred, we can assist in getting that done before the succession is final.
  • Set out an expedited path for completion of the Succession Process. This is what we do, so once we have the information needed, we can complete the legal documents within days.

Estate Planning For Your Piece of Mind as well as your Family's

We create last Wills and Testaments which comply with Louisiana’s unique laws, to assure that your assets go to those for whom they were intended, with the least amount of hassle.

Creating a Health Care Power of Attorney allows for your Agent to act on your behalf in dealing with medical insurance, going to doctor’s visits with you, ability to get you the care that you may need and even assist you if you become incapacitated.

Many people require a Durable (business) Power of Attorney to assist a love one in fulfilling their financial needs of paying bills, filing taxes or even being able to sue on their behalf. This will allow the Agent to perform all business transactions on the behalf of the Appearer.

Many people speak about Trusts, and it may be confusing as there are many different types of Trusts being used today such as -Testamentary or Revocable Trusts. Some are very simplistic but useful, and others are used to for Medicaid eligibility purposes that take time to establish.

Several individuals create Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts (ILITs) in order to purchase a life insurance policy and leave it to the trust’s beneficiaries, thereby avoiding leaving it to the estate with the possibility of it being taxed.

We have helped other clients with Acts of Donation or Acts of Transfer, Reservation of Fruits, or simply clarifying Louisiana’s complex legal system which affects us all after living here for over one year.

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